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Is there an item that’s out of stock but you really want it?! PREAUTHORIZE IT! You will always get first chance on an item if it restocks!

How do I do this?

Once you waitlist an item, slide the bar to preauthorize, enter your card info like you normally would for an order, and you’ll be first in line for the item if it comes back in stock! You WILL NOT BE CHARGED for the item until if/when the item is restocked. 

Not all items will/can be restocked. Restocking an item depends on the demand and availability for that item. Preauthorizing does not guarantee you will receive the item.

Don’t remember what you have waitlisted? 

Tap the “heart” icon at the bottom of your screen. There, you’ll see all of your waitlisted items. Please keep track of what you have waitlisted and if you really want something, PREAUTHORIZE IT!  We do not cancel preauthorized orders after they have gone through.